Machon Tips

As I go through this journey this is where I will place tips that I believe are critical. Yes these will be included in the blog, but sometimes you just need to get a quick answer. This entire journey is about me learning along the way. Hopefully I can add some value to your journey.

Tip- keep a journal. You will want to look back and see how far you’ve come. The time will fly by and simply acknowledging what you’ve been able to accomplish will brighten your day. When I’m feeling like crap I often read past entries. Often times this is all I need to keep going.

Tip- go to the doctor. Every health related book or video you will buy says go to the doctor. This is so they won’t be liable if you get hurt. I’m telling you to go to the doctor to have a starting point. Get your blood work done and your vitals checked. Yes they are going to tell you stuff you don’t want to hear. It’s not because they’re evil, it’s because you haven’t been there in awhile. You can get a physical at your doctor or any pharmacy with a clinic. It’s easy, simple, and cheap. There is no reason to not go. Remember we are investing in our health. Let’s start taking care of ourselves.

Tip- Perfection should not be your goal. Being 10% better than you were the day before should be what you aspire to.