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Month 1 Wk3 Yr2

“Fruit is natures candy” – Unknown Ok by week three I thought I was going to be all appled out. I thought this task was going to be a lot harder, but then in swoops my husband. I started buying him apples as well and he mentioned how great caramel would be. Of course I … Continue reading Month 1 Wk3 Yr2

Month 1 Week 1 Year 2

“We are born to belief a man bears beliefs as a tree bears apples” – Ralph Waldo Emerson I never thought I would blog for a whole year, yet here we are. This year will come with some changes, changes I hope are for the good. Along with weight loss I want to continue to … Continue reading Month 1 Week 1 Year 2

Gardening In January

As I sit here and watch my backyard flood in the beginning of January I immediately think how good this rain would be for gardening. In Ohio we haven’t been getting much snow until late January into February. Last year it was so warm in December my garlic began the sprout and when the winter … Continue reading Gardening In January

Month 11 Week 3

“The scale (devil) is a lie” M.Ross A few months ago I decided I wanted to upgrade my scale. All over social media I kept hearing about this scale called Renpho. This scale not only gives you your weight, but gives you BMI, body fat, fat free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, … Continue reading Month 11 Week 3


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