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May Gardening Post 2

Let’s talk about collard greens. Growing up I didn’t like them. I didn’t like any vegetables. When I got in my 30’s I tried them again and fell in love. I remember when I was little I would just eat the ham or bacon out of the greens. Now I actually enjoy them. That was … Continue reading May Gardening Post 2

Month 5 Wk4 Yr2

“A blind man who sees is better than a seeing man who’s blind” – Unknown Proverb You are looking at the title assuming you have missed week 2 and 3 . You have not. I have chosen to avoid the scale. I’ve avoided the scale because I’ve done nothing to encourage that number to go … Continue reading Month 5 Wk4 Yr2

May Gardening Part 1

Outside of some very strong winds damaging a few plants I have been killing it on the gardening front. I was a little scared about getting things in pots early because of Ohio’s notorious late frost, but I have to say I’m very pleased thus far. Earlier this week I harvested some spring onions and … Continue reading May Gardening Part 1

Month 5 Wk1 Yr2

“Walking is man’s best medicine” – Hippocrates I use to run. I use to run half marathons. Saying it out loud makes me impressed and angry. The reason is that phrase “use to”. Now I can’t walk 15 minutes without being winded. Running sounds crazy to me. The problem with this crazy is I want … Continue reading Month 5 Wk1 Yr2

Month 4 Wk5 Yr2 -Bonus

Let’s Try Healthy In all my years of losing and gaining weight I don’t think any food has given me as much stress as bananas. If you have low carbed or have diabetes you fully understand what I’m talking about. One medium size banana has 105 calories and 27 carbs. I don’t know how many … Continue reading Month 4 Wk5 Yr2 -Bonus

April Gardening Part 2

The Importance of Storage Months ago I looked through all the seed catalogs to find out what I wanted to grow for 2022. The hardest part of that task was making sure I didn’t buy seeds I already owned. Between the catalogs, the stores, and my trip to M.I.Gardener I wanted to make sure I … Continue reading April Gardening Part 2

Month 4 Wk4 Yr2

“Slow Down” – L. Ross I almost fainted last week. I was in Colorado for work and had just walked up one flight of stairs. Yes the one flight will be important in this story. I stepped to the side to let someone walk past me and kind of stumbled on the wall. I then … Continue reading Month 4 Wk4 Yr2

Month 4 Wk3 Yr2

“You never know what someone else is going through” – Unknown Not sure if I mentioned it but we did a girls trip a few weeks ago. As part of the trip we dropped by and visited my good friends niece who attends an art college. I walked through their school in awe. As part … Continue reading Month 4 Wk3 Yr2

April Gardening Part 1

This weather sucks in Ohio. There is no other way to put it. We started one week at 70 degrees and by the end of the week it was snowing. I told you all a few weeks ago to put seeds in the ground and I know you are now sitting here thinking “I’m glad … Continue reading April Gardening Part 1

Month 4 Wk1/2 Yr2 Pause

“Pause for a moment and reflect” – Unknown I missed posting a blog for the first time in over a year. I realized last Sunday I missed it then got busy and never made my way back. In the mist of my panic to try to catch up I decided I would just Pause. I’m … Continue reading Month 4 Wk1/2 Yr2 Pause


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