Month 5 Wk4 Yr2

“A blind man who sees is better than a seeing man who’s blind” – Unknown Proverb

You are looking at the title assuming you have missed week 2 and 3 . You have not.

I have chosen to avoid the scale. I’ve avoided the scale because I’ve done nothing to encourage that number to go down. I also didn’t want to post and give you a sob story. I have absolutely no reason for eating except I enjoy food.

It seems like ice cream taste better in the summer. Crumbl Cookie opened a new location five minutes from my home to make me fatter. That’s just my theory. I have no desire to cook because I would rather be outside gardening.

I knew every post wouldn’t be a good one, but I also didn’t think I would have a two year record of maintaining or gaining the weight I was trying to lose.

Now for the truth. It only matters to me when I’m around other people. When I notice I’m the biggest or my clothes don’t fit. When I’m tired of buying new clothes or I’ve run out of time to buy new clothes.

It doesn’t matter while I’m eating crap, watching tv, or ordering cookies. I can be the fattest person in Crumbl Cookie and could care less. If I’m with my friends I then realize their a bunch of skinny ladies. Let me be clear I’m not mad or jealous of them. I’m actually very proud of them. I simply get upset with myself.

I’m hoping next week I come to you with some fantastic insight. If not I do promise to at least blog. No need to stop doing everything.

Good Note- outside of weight I feel fantastic. The sun really does aid in curing depression. That and a very good therapist.

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