Month 5 Wk1 Yr2

“Walking is man’s best medicine” – Hippocrates

I use to run. I use to run half marathons. Saying it out loud makes me impressed and angry. The reason is that phrase “use to”.

Now I can’t walk 15 minutes without being winded. Running sounds crazy to me. The problem with this crazy is I want to run. I want to not only run one mile, but 13.1 miles in under three hours. Yes I actually did that.

This month along with my work team I decided to do a steps challenge. Counting steps makes me actually move even when I don’t want to. Last month was a water challenge and I know it’s hard to believe but I’m still drinking it. Now I’m adding on steps.

The goal is to again run a 5K. Hell the goal is to run, I don’t care how far. Sitting here typing that sounds so allusive but when I did it the first time I didn’t believe it either.

So why this new motivation? I wish I could tell you I got some crazy notion to do things the right way. Nope! I realized I have 5+ vacations planned this year. Add to that all the kids sporting events and all the activities and I know I need to lose weight.

My family has started bowling a few times a week. I’m sweating during the first game. Anybody at any weight can bowl. I’m just not trying to be drenched in sweat while doing it.

I want to do activities and not feel like I can’t move. I need my back not to hurt, along with my knee, neck, and feet.

Is this different from previous times, who knows. I will tell you I know you need motivation to get yourself together. Let’s pray this is my motivation.

On a very very very positive note I have been dealing with stress very well. The stress is not any less than normal but I’m better. I’m very focused and very excited about seeing what tomorrow brings. Today is 100% better than yesterday.

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