Month 1 Wk4 Yr2

“Mom can you buy more apples” – My Son

They said it takes 66 days to make a habit. Basically two months before something you are doing sticks and you just keep doing it. We are almost 30 days into this apple adventure and I have to say its sticking.

Two things let me know I was on track. First, I was traveling and my first stop was to find a store and purchase apple slices and peanut butter. Second, my son asked me to buy some more apples. I don’t know which one made me more excited, but you should know usually I’m buying bags of chips or doughnuts for my hotel room when I travel.

I’m working on several projects for work and flying is back in the mix. If you don’t know how I feel about flying please check out my blog “Flying While Fat”. It’s still rough. As much as I try to fly less I still find myself needed to hop on a flight every few months to do some things for work. Yes I know I should not complain, but it’s a struggle. A struggle of my own making, but a struggle.

Ok back to the positives, apples. I would like to report that for the first time I did not gain weight when I returned from my trip. Normally I add about five pounds and it takes about a week to get it back off. This trip that did not happen. As I stepped on the scale with true hesitation I was pleasantly surprised. The number was exactly as it was when I left. I don’t know about you, but this was a win and I’m taking all the wins I can get.

So in conclusion how do I feel about this apple challenge? I loved it. Not only is it a healthy great snack, but I am also throwing them in green smoothies. The tartness of the apple cuts through the veggie taste so I was getting a two for one bonus.

This month we get an extra Saturday so that means an extra post. My goal is to make the best of the last seven days of the month and see how I can continue to improve. Remember, we are only trying to be 10% better. I encourage you to challenge yourself. 10% is not as hard as you think.

Green Smoothie Recipe

1 Granny Smith Apple cubed

1 Cup of Grapes- I prefer seedless green grapes

2 Cups of Greens (Collard, Spinach, Kale, your choice)

8 oz Apple Juice

Throw all this into a really good blender. I have a Ninja and while it’s loud it works. Let me know if you like this smoothie recipe as much as I did.

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