Month 1 Wk3 Yr2

“Fruit is natures candy” – Unknown

Ok by week three I thought I was going to be all appled out. I thought this task was going to be a lot harder, but then in swoops my husband. I started buying him apples as well and he mentioned how great caramel would be. Of course I was upset he was trying to fatten up my apples but then I remembered there is sugar free caramel syrup. Oh then the fun began.

Do you know you can put just about anything on apples? This picture is from They used Granny Smith apples, caramel, and chopped pecans.

My favorite combination is peanut butter and chocolate chips. If you heat the peanut butter for 15 seconds it will get thin enough to dip the apples. After it cools drop some chocolate chips on your apples.

You can also add sugar free chocolate syrup, marshmallows, and a ton of other healthy toppings.

Below are the tools you need for this apple venture. Please note I say need loosely. They just make eating apples daily a little easier than only using a knife.

Veggie Peeler $3
Apple Core/Slicer Combo $4
Apple Corer $5

These are all Amazon prices. You might pay a little more in the stores, but well worth the investment. They each cost about the same as a bag of apples. There are endless possibilities on how to make this apple challenge work. Be patient with yourself and just enjoy natures gift.

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