Month 12 Week 3 – Try, Try, Again

“A setback is not a go back” – M.Ross

There is a quote by Tim Storey that says “a comeback is not a go back.” I turned that quote into something that was much more relevant to me right now.

As you all know I have been grinding for the past two weeks. My goal was to get the last weight off so I could make sure I hit my 10% goal. Yes I know I turn everything into some crazy competition. Anywho I was doing well. I was using my Peloton app and I had actually starting meditating. As an added bonus I also started reading daily affirmation again. I was attempting to start my day off on a positive note. It’s Christmas time so I needed to spread all the joy I could, starting with myself.

Then it happened.

I woke up and I had this cough. It was a slight cough that progressed throughout the day and eventually led to a sore throat. That night I apparently coughed so loud my husband couldn’t sleep and he demanded I go see the doctor. After scouring the city I found an appointment at CVS thirty minutes from our home. The nurse practitioner was great outside of her shoving that q-tip up my nose. She reported that I didn’t have Covid, but I do have the flu and an “angry” ear infection. Those were her words. She prescribed me a ton of medicine and told me I would get worse before I got better. She was not lying.

I can barely move. I feel like all my energy has been zapped out of my body. The intense coughing is making my body hurt but especially my head which doesn’t help. I feel like shit. There is no other way to explain it.

So my question was why when things are going well does something like this always happen. This setback. All people who try to get healthy go through it. I thought mine would honestly be endless cookies or holiday treats. Instead I’m trapped in my bed watching tv burning no calories but starving. I didn’t lose my appetite. No, I couldn’t get that lucky.

Normally I would write a long post about this, but I’m not. Maybe because I’m in the thick of the illness. What I will say is I believe God was telling me to sit my butt down. I had three events planned this week not to mention stuff at work I needed to do. I went from being on my A game to getting shut down in a matter of seconds.

My husband has been nothing but supportive. Ok he’s been some crazy guy who keeps yelling at me for trying to leave my room. I know he’s doing this all out of love, but being trapped in this room is driving me crazy. I think I’m the only person who goes crazy when they have nothing to do.

There is a purpose in this madness. I don’t know what it is, but I believe there is a reason. I’m here to tell you a setback is not a go back. You don’t get to go back and try to make up for the time you lost. You don’t get to try again. You just need to move forward and keep going in your positive direction. Sometimes we just need to let stuff go. I can’t believe I’m saying this because its hard for me to do it. This year has been huge for me. With just one week left lets see what happens.

FYI- Next year will be all about being 10% better. Thank you Calibrate. You have ignited a fire. I know you wanted my money, but nope. You’ve simply helped me realize how great I’ve been doing.

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