Month 11 Week 1- The Holidays

“We are a little extra this year” – Jackson Square Creative

This is the time of year where you blink and the year is over. The year starts off all optimistic as you make a million New Year’s resolutions. You typically throw them out the window by March but that’s ok because it’s Easter. Blink again and it’s 4th of July and time to embrace the summer. Turn your head and the kids are back in school and we are looking at the leaves fall from the trees. Now this can go one of two ways. You can be excited to begin celebrating the holidays or you can panic because you realize you haven’t done half the stuff you thought you would. Where do you fall?

I fall in the later category. I can’t believe the year is over. Not only have I not reached my weight goal but I have another set of stressors in my midst. I’m still dealing with the death of my uncle and we also learned my husband has to have a surgical procedure done. While I wanted to stay focused I did what I always do. I went to my trusty friends and decided to let them sooth me. Stop thinking that that’s a good idea. My friends were chips, ice cream, and candy.

They kind of came to visit out of the blue. First candy showed up. It came under the disguise as Halloween candy. I thought it would just be around for a few days and then it would leave. Six days later and it’s still here. Now the amount of candy is half of what it was, which is why I have the problem. I’m the one eating the candy.

To not feel alone ice cream came next. I started having these crazy ice cream cravings for a specific flavor from a particular brand and like an idiot I tried to eat around the craving. If I’ve learned anything I’ve learned when I have a craving just eat what I’m craving. I’ve probably eaten more stuff trying to avoid the craving and I still didn’t eat the thing I wanted.

So now random ice cream and candy are around and I need something to combat the sugar so chip come by. Yep its a horrible horrible rabbit hole that I didn’t realize I was in until it was too late. I discovered it as I sat eating a bag of chips while thinking they didn’t even taste that good. The light bulb went off.

Now I am not going to beat myself up because that would just cause me to eat more junk. I don’t need more depression on top of the depression. I’m going to accept that I ate crap and move forward. That did help me come up with my next challenge.


I’m pulling the plug. Nada. Now for clarity when I say no snacks I’m not even talking about “healthy” snacks. The reason is I’m eating and I’m not hungry which makes no sense. I simply need to stop snacking and pay attention to my hunger cues. If I’m hungry have a meal. Stop trying to have a snack and then wait to eat a meal. I’m just eating twice as much.

So what’s my plan for the holidays. I’m already going to plan on eating one desert which means I can only make one desert. I would lie if I told you I wasn’t going to eat my once a year homemade doughnuts or my cheesecake cookies. That’s the reason we bought the KitchenAid mixer. What I will promise is to not eat them everyday for a week. That’s my weakness. I will eat something everyday until it’s gone.

So now that I’ve confessed I need you all to watch me. I’ve got two months to finish the year strong. First I can’t believe I’ve been on this journey this long and I can’t believe I’ve blogged about it. If you’ve read from the beginning, THANK YOU. The fun is really about to start.

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