Month 10 Week 3 – Tell Your Story

“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story” – Hamilton Musical

This weekend I got together with some friends. We were talking about life in general and one person mentioned she wanted to make sure everyone knew her side of the story. The crazy part is for the first time ever I paused. I have read enough books to know that if you don’t tell your story someone else will. There is nothing on the shelf that says “hey let someone else tell your story”. No they are very specific. Do the work and share your story. The problem is all that is a lie.

Follow Me.

I can write my autobiography. I can tell everyone what a great person I am and how fantastic I was to people. I could be a modern day Mother Theresa in my eyes. My book could sells millions and everyone would know my story. Six months later someone could release a book that is the total opposite of what I put out. They could tell the world I tripped them when I was in the second grade and all I did was spew hate towards people. They could say I did my best to make their lives hell.

Which story is true?

Disclaimer- I don’t remember tripping anyone in second grade and I haven’t spewed anything to my knowledge.

Back to my point.

Both stories may or may not be true. Both stories are out in the world and people get to decide which one they believe. I could have told my story and thought my job was done, but clearly my job would not be over. The world now has two stories and I have two options.

The first options is to run around trying to make sure people know my story and my version. I could scrub social media, write another book, go on tv, and spend my whole life trying to make sure MY version of MY story was told. The second option is simply to let it go. Yep you heard me, let it go.

There will always be someone talking about you. If your job is to make sure they know your version you are going to wear yourself out. I am praying you don’t have that kind of time in your life, and if you do do something great with it. Don’t waste that time clearing up stories about yourself. Spend that time writing more fantastic stories.

This week I laughed with people who know who I really am. They are not concerned with the story I put out in the world or the story I keep telling myself. They are the people who call me on my B.S.

I didn’t get to walk 10,000 steps with anyone this weekend, but I did laugh so hard I cried. All the laughter and crying apparently helped me lose a pound. I know that’s not the real reason, but I’m going to take a pound any way I can get it. Current Weight 269. Guess what I plan to keep doing, LAUGHING.

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