Month 10 Week 2 – FEMALES ONLY

“Periods are something you hate, but freak out if you don’t have one” -Unknown

I’m going to pause again to give men the option to click out of this post. You have been warned.

Now that I’ve cleared the air let’s talk about periods. This will not have details, but I wanted to talk about this gripe I have.

It feels like when I’m on my grind, all the pieces are falling into place and I feel like yelling I got this. I then get my period and realize I don’t have anything. I’m not telling women anything they don’t already know, but this whole cycle is driving me insane.

First the cravings, then the exhaustion, then the mood swings. It take all my efforts to simply do day to day stuff so resisting my craving for chocolate does not happen. after cravings win everything else quickly crumbles.

I want to add a disclaimer that I don’t have debilitating cramps that cause me to be bed ridden. I know people who have that and I’m sorry. I barely get cramps. My period just throws off my mojo and I feel like all the weight I’ve lost I can gain back in one week. Between eating and laying in the bed I don’t stand a chance.

There is no encouragement in this post, sorry. This is just a women upset that this monthly cycle causes me so much grief yet I haven’t mastered it. I know when it’s coming, I try to prepare, then BAM. Instantly workouts go down the drain and calorie intake goes up.

Clearly I’m not reporting weight loss this week. I just felt the need to tell all women that I understand. It’s not just you, and yes the world does feel like it’s against you at this moment. You can temporarily gripe and hate the world. I give you a pass. With that pass though comes the notion that we are going to grind it out the next 21 days. Yes this thing will be back.

Do you have any secrets that help you? Please share because I’ve ordered $35 worth of groceries just to get chocolate for free delivery. Yea I’m judging me too.

One thought on “Month 10 Week 2 – FEMALES ONLY

  1. You’ll have to wait for menopause. Chocolate is no longer the master – yay! Mood swings – gone! Cramps – nope!
    (You’d hope that someone would have worked out what we *actually* need when we crave chocolate/carbs/whatever during this part of the cycle, it would be all over the internet by now.)


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