Month 9 Week 3

“Mistakes are proof you are trying” -Unknown

After a long pause my husband has started working out again. I see him struggle the same way I struggle. You can have all the tools available in your arsenal and still struggle.

I continue to push myself daily and I’m beginning to see my husband do the same. I’ve often heard women say it’s easy for men to lose weight and men don’t even have to try. If that were the case there would be no fat men. Let’s be honest they are struggling just like we are.

My husband has to resist the same cake that I resist. The double chocolate cake I baked for my sons birthday. It sits on the table calling both our names. He has to resist the ice cream in the freezer. He has to drink water and drag himself to the gym.

I often forget that he struggles just like me. When I fill the house with snacks he’s tempted just like me. Time and time again I would get angry when I emptied the house of snacks and he would find his way to the store. I realize he’s probably just as mad at me when I fill the house with cookies and cakes. We both say it’s for the kids when we know that a lie.

The irony is when I decide I’m not eating snacks I won’t eat them. I don’t pause and realize that someone’s going to eat them. They don’t magically disappear.

I need to do better.

This week on my “To Don’t List” I’m writing don’t buy sugary snacks. This small change will help us all. I have to reduce, not eliminate. If I eliminate the snacks next week I will just buy double, I know myself.

This weeks goal is to help someone else. Whether that’s my husband or my kids I’m going to try to be just a little better. Make a healthier meal, have more fruits and veggies, and of course less snacks.

We may not both decide at the same time we need to be healthy, but I can do my best to support him even when I’m struggling. Together we should be able to get a couple of steps further along in our journey. If not we will just drag the weaker one.

I guess you could say that’s a major part of marriage. Helping your spouse when you’re not very steady yourself. Maybe it’s just a part of my marriage.

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