Gardening #13 – Onions

“Onions are the bullies of the veggie world. The strong ones make you cry” M.Ross

I’ve done so many post about potatoes I figure you wanted to know some other easy veggies that I grow.

For the past three years I’ve grown onions and this year I attempted leaks. I will tell you that as much as I rave about the ease of potatoes, onions are just as easy. Onions are very forgiving. There are days when I didn’t make it out to the garden because it was just too hot. Some crops need constant care. Onions do not.

I would suggest you grow onions a variety of ways. First you can buy bulbs at any garden store. I usually get 100 bulbs for about $4 a bag. This will yield you quick easy green onions in about 4-6 weeks.

Second way to grow onions is of course from seed. You need to plant these rather early and then transplant them into the garden. Truth is this was my least favorite way. Transplanting onion seedlings is tedious. I watched video after video on YouTube and several people said it was stress relieving. Um, no. No it was not.

The last way is of course to direct sow. If you plant early in the Spring you can get descent size onions in the fall with minimal labor.

Pro tip- label your onions. When they grow they resemble grass. If they are not labeled you will find yourself pulling onions thinking their weeds. Also make sure you leave proper space. If you want large onions leave large onion space. I usually interplant onions with other veggies like green beans or spinach. This provides me with a lot of growing space.

We ended up with so many onions this year I decided to purchase a dehydrator so I could have them all year long. It was a toss up between dehydration and freezing and my lack of freezer space made the decision for me.

Let me know some varieties of onions you love. This year I grew red, white, yellow, Evergreen Long, Crystal White Wax, Bulk Warrior, Guardsmen, Red Burgundy, and Pikant shallots.

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