Bonus – Healthy

“A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside” – Robert Zurich

I read a book where the author was basically telling us how bad dieting is. The point she made that stuck in my head was that we don’t even say diet. We say lifestyle change. She mentioned restricted foods, calorie counting, and working out until you can’t move. While I would normally tell you who the author is ironically this could be a million authors. While I would love to tell you I agree or disagree I have to say I’m torn. Let me explain.

I don’t want to diet. I don’t want to change the way I eat. I don’t want to count or measure anything. Hell I really don’t want to drink water. I would like to consume all the available butter, potatoes, cheese, red meat, and cake I can handle. I would like to sit around and read, watch tv, garden, and veg out while dropping 50 pounds.

The truth is simple. I can’t.

Whether it’s a diet or a lifestyle change I have to do something different. I want my knees, back, shoulders, neck, feet, ankles, and head to stop hurting. I want to walk from my basement to the second floor without being winded. I want to step out of my car instead of climbing or rolling out. I want to run miles until I’ve reached my destination, not until my feet are throbbing.

This blog will be simple and short. If you need to lose weight to feel better about yourself do it. If this is your decision, not society, your partner, or your families choice DO YOU! I think as adults we need to own our shit. Yes I hate being on a diet but that doesn’t mean that’s not what I’m on. I can call it an anti-cake binge but when it’s all done I’m trying to make my body smaller and stronger.

What I’m saying is get to your level of healthy. If you are healthy and strong at 300 pounds then keep your ass at 300 pounds. If you can’t move, breathe or function at 300 pounds then get your shit together.

Make your own decision. Make your own choices. Get healthy and happy on your terms. I’m all for being body positive, but I’m also positive I need to do something about my body.

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