Month 7 Week 4

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking” Earl Wilson

This past week I was on vacation. We decided to go to Las Vegas since we’ve never been. I was excited because all I ever want to do is see live shows. I know people go to gamble and party and if I did any of those things the trip would have made sense. My idea of gambling is spending $20 in a slot machine and leaving when I’ve doubled my money.

I will tell you that going on vacation while trying to maintain weight is damn near impossible. I applaud all the people who can pull it off, but I am not one of those people. I love when I see people working out in the hotel gym or taking a jog outside. Those people scream dedication. My perfect vacation involves laying around doing nothing and eating everything that looks delicious. I accomplished half my goal.

As you all could have guessed I did not do well on vacation. I blame the carbs. Vegas was nothing but carbs, and the options were not all that great. Because of the pandemic all the buffets are closed and I don’t really blame them. There were a few restaurants open, but many of them were serving typical burgers and pizza. I will say I was actually pretty disappointed in the food choices. Vegas used to scream gluttony before the pandemic.

For breakfast each morning I had Starbucks and for lunch we grabbed anything that was open. One night for dinner we had Smash Burger. Do you see where this is going? Nothing special. There was one highlight on the trip. In the Tropicana Hotel there was a Chinese restaurant that served some of the best food I have ever had. I wanted to eat there everyday, but figured I should explore other options. That was a bad idea. I should have just kept eating there. It’s called Red Lotus if you just happen to be in the area.

While I would love to make this post about good or bad food, its not. It’s about my truth. The truth is I didn’t even try to do well on vacation. I don’t ever really try on vacation. I just typically call that week a by week. Now when I return the work has to begin. Yes I’ve taken ten steps backwards, but it is what it is.

After I came back from vacation I hopped on the scale. As I figured I had gained weight. I didn’t realize how much weight I had gained, but it was a lot. TEN POUNDS! Who gains ten pounds from a few days vacation? I knew I was eating a lot, but didn’t realize how much I was eating. Had to be the carbs, yes I’m still blaming carbs. The old me would have freaked out and beat myself up. I would have said how I should have done this or that, but the truth is I just ate stuff and now I have to put in the work.

I’ve decided I’m going to start running again. My knee is a hot mess so I figure I will need to start with walking. This months challenge was to get my activity dot daily. I didn’t nail this challenge but did a lot better than I thought I would have. I have seven days left and I’ve missed four days. That basically translates to one day off per week. For a person who wasn’t even trying to do anything this is a win. Go Me. Look at me finding the positives.

This little dot movement gave me the push I needed to to get myself back on the running/walking track. I ordered myself some new shoes. No, I don’t need anymore shoes, but what the hell. I’m already prepping for my next challenge which I will announce next week, but know it will involve these new shoes.

So let’s recap this all over the place blog. If you go on vacation you may gain weight. Don’t beat yourself up just have a plan when you get back. Get yourself together and keep it moving. Also remember no one is paying attention to your weight gain but you. Remember to love yourself through this journey, again find the positives. My goal this week is to get at least half of the ten pound gain off. Five pounds is not as exciting as you might think since most is water weight and traveling weight. Remember anytime I get on a plane I somehow gain three pounds.

It should take me 2-3 weeks to get back on track and I’m ok with that. I enjoyed the vacation and I enjoyed not stressing about food. I’m not going to let my week of fun turn into a month of regret. My weight is back up to 273 so I’ve got some work to do, but again I’m ok.

I want to end this blog with something that has been jumping out to me over and over again lately. The title of this blog is Losing Weight and Finding Myself. That’s exactly what its been. I can’t be perfect. That phrase is huge to me because I struggle with that so much. I’m not saying I can’t be perfect while on vacation. I’m not saying I can’t be perfect all the time. I’m saying I can’t be perfect, and that is ok. I can do the best I can do and that is all I can do, and guess what? I am ok with that. Find your ok place. Find the place in your life when you become ok with just being you. I pray you discover that place much sooner than I have, but even if you are 80 and find it good for you. Instead of being your own worst critic for the next week try being your biggest cheerleader. That’s how I plan to close out the month. Cheering myself on and encouraging myself. This is such a different place than I was in a few years ago and for that I am thankful.

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