Let’s Start Gardening #11

“Smile, you never know who’s watching” unknown

This year I decided to grow flowers in my garden. I kept reading articles that said they attracted bees aka pollinators. Since I had some trouble at the end of last year getting bees to pollinate my cucumbers I figured I would give it a shot.

I could have purchased some flowers from the garden center but instead I decided to grow them from seed. Heck why not, I was growing everything else from seed.

Guess what? Growing flowers is kinda hard. First they take much longer to grow than veggies. Veggies sprout in a couple of days and then quickly begin to resemble veggies. Yes from time to time I forget to label stuff and get mystery plants but eventually I figure out it’s a tomato plant and not pepper. Flowers are not like that, or at least the ones I got. Once they sprouted they just looked like patches of weeds.

Funny story. I had an actual weed growing in my flower bed and nurtured it for over a month before I realized it was just a weed. This was the most cared for weed ever. Now back to the story.

Flowers don’t begin to form until 4-6 weeks. Some even longer. I grew Zinnias, Sweet Peas, Gardenias, Marigolds, and a few varieties of each. I put them in stacking pots and I honestly thought nothing was going to happen because I simply had six stacking pots of greenery.

I planted the seeds indoors in mid April and finally by end of June I had some flowers. What’s crazy is they all began popping up at the same time. It was beautiful. There were days when I would just stand in the garden just to look at the flowers. I wouldn’t call myself a person who loves flowers but I’m getting there.

I’m not sure when it happened but I caught the ornamental bug. I realized at that moment that I had fallen in love with all the colors. The variations of pinks, oranges, reds, blues, whites, and purples. It was a rainbow that I had created. In a weird way it made the veggies look better. I yellow banana pepper growing next to a red marigolds left me speechless.

Today while working in my front yard a lady stopped her truck in the middle of the street and began blowing her horn. I paused to see what was going on and she yelled in my direction. “Your yard always looks fantastic.” I said thank you and smiled politely. I think that’s what your supposed to do.

Thing is I work so hard in my yard I never really stand back and look at it. Living on a corner lot near our complex entrance I knew I would have to take extra of every aspect of the yard. I didn’t want to be that neighbor. We have our grass cut weekly and my husband manicures the bushes and shrubs. My husband also does double duty on all the weeds.

Last year I planted mint (in container) in the front yard along with some pepper plants. I mixed ground cover (also in containers) with cherry tomato plants. I’m not sure if my neighbors realize I’m growing veggies not only in the back yard but in the front. I know I didn’t realize how nice it looked until someone pointed it out.

My garden challenge to you is to simply stand back and admire all your hard work. Take a moment and a cup of coffee and just pause. We kill ourselves planting it all we might as well enjoy it. Also if you are a corner house, remember we have to step it up a notch. Everyone is looking at your yard.

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