Let’s Start Gardening #13

“My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with” – Oprah Winfrey

This year I grew seven varieties of potatoes.

Yukon Gold

Magic Molly

Russian Banana

Superior White


Red Norland

French Fingerling

Each of these potatoes were delicious. I feel like I need to start there. Yes this is another post about potatoes. I know your thinking how many times will this girl post about potatoes. Apparently one more time.

As I’m finishing the season I wanted to let you all know you can still get one more sowing of early potatoes. Just pop some seed potatoes in the ground and walk away. Fingerlings tend to grow very fast. Norlands are also a good choice.

I’m actually posting again about potatoes because earlier I posted about having garden burnout. My cucumbers have not grown the way I wanted and my tomatoes didn’t get as large as last year. The cherry tomatoes outperformed everything in the garden but I haven’t mastered how to store cherry tomatoes for the year. They do make great pasta sauce after you collect 100 of them.

What did perform was of course potatoes. I’ve neglected them and let only nature tend to my garden. I forgot to water them, didn’t fertilize, and forgot to spray for any bugs. I’ve seen more spiders and creatures in my garden this year than I’ve ever seen. I’ve actually been afraid at some points to even go in the garden. I think some sort of rodent family has moved in.

When everything else went to hell I went outside and picked potatoes. The fingerlings I roasted in with olive oil, onions, sea salt and basil. The Yukon’s I turned into a potato and leek stew. The Red Norlands went great with a pot roast. Of all the veggies in the garden I felt the potatoes just kept on giving. They made everything seem worth it.

As I’ve said before if you only grow one thing this year I say grow potatoes. I’ve heard every garden needs tomatoes to be considered real. I clearly disagree.

Here are some Red Norlands. Pictures of the Magic Molly’s will be coming soon. I regret I don’t have more potato pictures. As soon as they come out the ground they get eaten. I will make sure I get pictures of the remaining varieties. Below in the picture this is from three seed potatoes. This was enough to feed four people.

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