Month 7 Week 1 – Rituals

“The little things you do daily, your rituals, define you” – Getting Back To Happy

I have always believed that things happen in your life for a reason. People are placed in your path and events occur at the right time. While some may argue that bad events don’t happen at the right time I would always challenge you to ask yourself if that bad event taught you a lesson. My recent “bad” events taught me lessons.

I struggle with perfectionism. I’ve struggled with this for years which is one of the major reasons for my depression. It’s hard for me to draw the line between doing enough and putting in the effort, to going insane and obsession. I’ve managed to tone it down at work. I know we can’t achieve perfection (although I ask for it) since we really deal in analytics. I have to decide what people will buy and when they will buy it. The other day we found ourselves reviewing weather forecast to determine the impact it would cause in a particular part of the country. These things are my normal, and I love all of it.

In my personal life this causes huge issues. Without giving all my business today I will focus on how it messes with weight. If I want to workout I feel like I have to dedicate so much time and put forth so much effort. Iyanla Vanzant had a quote that now haunts me. “Trying is not doing.” I took that literally and the problem is I don’t know when to stop trying. What I needed to focus on what realizing sometimes you simply have to let go. Believe me i’m working on that.

God told me I needed to work on this for July. I needed to work on not striving for perfection. The message didn’t come how others messages came. The message showed up in the form of a book. Somehow the book Getting Back to Happy fell in my recommended books selection. The authors Marc and Angel Chernoff take you through steps to help you simply get back to being happy daily. When I began reading the book I didn’t think I was unhappy. Apparently I was wrong. I was a hot mess, I still am a hot mess. One of the things the book mentions regarding being unhappy is always being busy. Didn’t I just tell you all about that. How I’ve put a million things on my plate and I feel like I’m spinning them on those tiny sticks. When I finally get a handle on all the plates my goofy ass adds another one. Yes that’s me right now. Just adding plates and losing my mind.

I am going to tell you to pick up this book. I actually have my entire team reading it and several people at my company. I think we could all use a little more happy coming out of the pandemic. I am not going to tell you the entire book but what I will tell you is the book spends a lot of time talking about rituals. It tells you not to focus on goals, but to focus on small rituals to help you accomplish your goals. If you want to work out daily, start with putting on your shoes. If you want to have a cleaner house, start by washing your breakfast dishes. The list goes on and on about the little things you can do to reach that next level. This entire blog I’ve been telling you to focus on one thing, now I’m going to tell you to focus on even smaller things.

For July I’m going to have three rituals that I do daily. Three things that I believe will improve my overall well being.

  1. I am going to get my blue dot. On the Peloton app every time you do an activity you get a blue dot. This can be mediation, riding the bike, getting on the treadmill, stretching, or strength training. The app is endless when it comes to just doing something good for yourself. I pay for it, I might as well use it.
  2. I’m going to pray. I have not been spending enough time with God. I am letting all these small things steal time that I need to just Be Still and pray. I have not accomplished all I have without giving him honor and I haven’t been giving enough praise.
  3. I’m going to extend gratitude to others and most importantly myself. I have to be nicer to me. I have to recognize how far I’ve come and all the good things I’ve done along the way. I have to show others love and gratitude daily. I didn’t get where I am without the love and support of my family and friends.

These things I can accomplish. These small things I should have no issue getting done and to put the icing on the cake I plan to ask myself these five questions daily.

  1. Did I obtain my blue dot today?
  2. Did I spend time furthering my education today? (remember I’m in school, again)
  3. Did I pause today to Be Still
  4. Did I give gratitude to myself or others?
  5. Did I tell someone or tell myself that “You Are Awesome Sauce?”

What are you going to do for yourself this month? What ritual will you begin? Oh and I almost forgot for those of you who are tracking. The goal is to be down 24 pounds by the point. I have lost those 24 pounds and even with my madness they have not returned.

Starting Weight At My Heaviest – 290

Starting Weight On This Journey – 288

Current Weight – 264

Let’s keep this going.

My som and I. We live this mantra!

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