Month 6 Week 1 – Less Fast Food

“Your fast food can be your last food” – Unknown

This quote cracked me up. People act like fast food is the devil. I use to think the same thing. If you could drive up and get it quick it must be junk. I would beat myself up from craving Mcdonalds french fries and a large coke. I need a moment right now. I never even drank dark soda until I started dating my husband. I was a Sprite/Mt. Dew girl. I don’t know when it happened but he got me a large Coke from McDonald’s and it was the best coke I had ever had. I was hooked. I was so hooked I began to do research to find out why Mcdonalds drinks tasted better than anywhere else. I found out they spend a lot of money on water filtration and the perfect amount of carbonation. I have one thing to well spent Mcdonalds.

See how I got off on a tangent and this blog has just gotten started. Back to the topic. As the pandemic hit we ate more fast food than ever before. Partly because I was scared to eat the food I hoarded and secondly because I had convinced myself I was keeping small businesses open. During this time we didn’t frequent Mcdonalds as much as you would think. We made sure we only supported local small businesses and let me tell you we supported and supported and supported. This was the beginning of some crazy weight gain, but also the experience of fast food burnout.

We would notice it when we were eating fast food three times a week or more. I remember one week it was almost five days. I had gotten in a funk and I didn’t want to cook or do much of anything. Fast Food or Door Dash to be more specific was just too easy. I could shop so many restaurants and get anything I wanted at my door. We could try stuff we never tried before and just when we thought we had tried everything they would add more restaurants. It was a never ending buffet of food.

I feel like right now I have to have a fast food disclaimer. I consider fast food anything I don’t cook, or anything I order. Fast food could be Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, Wayback Burger, or Burger King. The list was endless. Now you can see how I gained weight because we ate well. I was dining on a different variety of foods daily, none of them coming from my own kitchen.

Lately since I’ve been trying to get healthy we have actually eaten a lot less fast food. Our future is looking a lot brighter and Ive actually been cooking a lot more. The family is getting outside and beginning to experience the world. Its funny how much you appreciate everything after being in quarantine. I went to the park (stayed six feet apart) and was excited. With this summer excitement and traveling that desire to cook has again began to go away. Last month I made two trips out of town and ran my son around the world to basketball this and football that. I didn’t have time to breath so I wasn’t even about to try to cook. We ate out a lot.

I noticed that I didn’t feel so hot. I was tired all the time and honestly I started getting headaches more frequently. I thought it was due to running myself ragged, but it was most likely due to the increase in sodium. I wasn’t making the best food choices so everything I was eating contained the maximum amount of salt probably allowed. I think the only reason I didn’t gain a ton of weight was because I was still working out and drinking as much water as I could. We all know it was not enough. I know, I’m still working on that.

Anywho that brought me to this months challenge. It actually wasn’t me who came up with the challenge, it was my kids. My boys announced they were not eating anymore fast food. What I heard was “mom you need to cook.” Instead of getting mad I figured it was my sign and I just agreed with them.

At first the plan was to not eat any fast food, but I knew I would be setting myself up for failure. The plan changed to eating fast food just once a week. I thought this would be a great place to start. This would make me aware that I needed to cook and make me come up with an actual plan. This also made me realize I had to have snacks handy. Usually the problem started when I was in the car and hungry. It’s so easy to pull into a place an order anything you need in five minutes. I started traveling with P3 Packs and a water at all times. Get hungry, drink water. Get hungry, eat P3. Get hungry, drive faster to get home. There is no other joy than running through the door and chomping down on a cheese stick to stop your stomach from screaming at you.

The first week was a little rough but I made it. One day for lunch my oldest decided to get us all Subway. He doesn’t consider that fast food so for him it was an easy option. My rules called it fast food so I figured I was done for the week. A few days later my kids wanted to go bowling as a family so I wasn’t about to turn that down. You know what happened next. We finished bowling and since I had not cooked dinner we stopped and grabbed Chick-Fil-A. I would go off on a Chick-Fil-A tangent but I feel like I’ve already reached my fast food tangent maximum.

Having “fast food” twice during the week was not a complete success, but I’m not calling it a failure. To compensate I drank extra water and got my butt on my treadmill. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the scale begin to move again. I lost one pound this week. Yep, I call this week a success.

Tell me how you plan to stay away from “fast food?” Better yet tell me if you believe Subway is fast food? My son will be very interested to hear your views.

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