Month 5 Week 3 The Do Over

“As long as you’re still alive you always have the chance to start over” – Emily Acher

When I took on this challenge I knew it would be hard. I wasn’t prepared for how hard it would be. Week one as in all things was easy. I grabbed my little cups and drank away. Week two was more of a struggle because I tried to drink plain water instead of water packets. We will talk more about that later. Week three I travelled and that was just a nightmare.

In week two I had begun getting heartburn. I hoped it was heartburn because having a heart attack or a stroke while trying to get healthy is just bad karma. I had started tracking what I ate and drank and while the horrible pain came all day I noticed it more after I ate. Since I had never had this pain before I wanted to see what I was doing differently. The only drastic change I saw was that I had begun drinking a fruit smoothie in the morning and using flavored water packets from Meijer instead of Walmart or Kroger.

While I thought this slight change could not possibly be causing my pain my husband asked me to take a week off and see if I noticed a difference. I hated to admit it but I did. I learned that citrus was a cause of heartburn along with many other items. Yes I Googled it. Since I wasn’t a spice fan I was shocked to learn that citrus, dairy, and onions of all things can cause heartburn. Please note that normally I don’t eat onions but I love green onions. As soon as the weather gets nice I pop a few onion bulbs in the garden and about three weeks later I have fresh onion scapes. This is absolutely one of my favorite things. Combining my new fruit smoothie and onion additions to my diet and I had set myself up for failure.

I immediately stopped the smoothies and the water packets. I eased off the green onions because they had become a staple in my omelettes. I cut out the water packets because let’s be honest, there’s a lot of stuff in the ingredients that we can’t name so I needed to stop taking that chance. I also loved the lemonade and limeade flavors which again did not help.

From day one I was struggling. I would get a cup of water and it was taking me 30 minutes sometimes to drink it. If I took it out of the kitchen I would sit it down and literally forget it was there. By the time I realized I needed to drink the water it was warm. I hate warm water more than I hate water. This would cause me to get up and dump out the water and try again. You can clearly see how well this was going.

As a bonus I had to travel for work. I was flying across the country which required me for one flight to be on the plane for five hours. I do not pee on planes. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I just can’t do it. the little claustrophobic closets with the mysterious blue water. Flushing the toilet and knowing my pee is just hanging out on the plane freaks me out. Yes I know I have officially told you too much of my business. Anywho that caused me to drink even less water than I was already drinking.

During the trip I would order water and after the first sip it was a no go. Where I live we have some of the best water in the country. You can drink it right from the faucet. Not all locations have this luxury. The places I visited did not have this luxury. So what did I drink, lemonade and soda. I know I know I know.

In my defense we did stop and buy gallons of water on each leg of our trip and fill our water bottles. Instead of drinking a gallon a day I started drinking a gallon every two or three days. As I would say “I wasn’t even trying.”

It’s funny how some parts of this challenge I can mail but other parts leave me flat on my face. I’m sure I will struggle again but hopefully not as bad as this water has me struggling. I know that I can’t move on to the next challenge next month, but for those of you who are killing it I will give you the details to move on.

Soooo as you may have guessed I did not lose weight this week. I actually gained five pounds which happens every time I fly so I’m not too worried. Once I get back into the swing of things this weight will come off, but nothing extra.

Lesson- have a plan. I fly again in two weeks and I need a better plan. I also need to walk or workout when I travel. We were on the go from 6am-10pm daily and although I had workout clothes I didn’t see a gym.

Send me your strategies for getting your water in. It’s clear I need some help.

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