Month 5 Week 1 – Water, Drink It

“Thousands have lived without love, not one has lived without water.” – Unknown

If you want to lose weight you are going to have to drink water. I could have started off by giving you a bunch of fluff but I figured I would just drop the bomb and keep it moving. If you were looking for a gentle push, this is not the month. This month is where I tell you my honest journey and the ups and downs. A down for me is…water.

I have never liked water. While some call it refreshing or delightful, I called it nasty. The irony is that water is said to have no taste, but for me that was a lie. I remember drinking water from hoses when I was a child and it had a distinct taste which was probably the hose. I also remember drinking it at my grandmothers house and it had a taste which was probably iron or rusty pipes. I also believe my city probably didn’t have the best water available after seeing what was happening with the Flint Water Crisis. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio which is not very far from Flint and Lake Erie has a lot of algae issues. Needless to say I never developed a taste for water.

As I got older and tried to diet a million times I heard over and over again that you needed to drink water. I would ignore that and drink juice. It was not until I tried low carving that I realized all my juice drinking was counterproductive. If you have some free time check out the carbs and sugar in fruit juice. The shock on your face is the same shock I discovered when I realized there was sugar and carbs in milk. I felt like the deck was being stacked against me.

After my weight loss surgery it became imperative that I drink water. With your body going through so many changes they recommend you drink that magical number of 64oz per day. For those of you new to the water world that is eight 8oz cups per day of just water. The issue I had after weight loss surgery is I wasn’t hungry. That is actually one of the joys of weight loss surgery. A cardinal rule with the surgery was you could not drink and eat at the same time. With your stomach so small they wanted you to focus on getting in your protein. So let’s recap. I don’t like water. I’m never hungry. I’m supposed to drink water but not with food. I’m also supposed to be happy about all the above things. I’m writing this blog so you can clearly see that thought process didn’t work.

Now if you were not already confused let me throw in some more math. I know I promised no more math but you need to get the full picture. The bare minimum amount of water you are supposed to drink is 64oz. The recommended amount of water is half your body weight. If you are trying to lose weight and working out you need to add another 16oz to replace what your body loses due to sweat.

So if you are 200 pounds you need to drink 100oz of water. If you are 200 pounds and working out you need to lose 116 oz of water. Are you freaking out yet? Who the hell is drinking all that water? I was not drinking that much water and just thinking about it each time freaked me out. Needless to say the day before the month ended I got the vision and knew I needed to figure something out.

My first thought was to get the following water jug.

This jug would carry my 64oz for the day and tell me how well I was doing throughout the day. Let’s just say that was a big mistake. After the second day I got to 6pm and I was only at the 11am mark. Now not only was I not drinking water but the jug was confirming how I was failing at drinking water. I went from happy about my new water bottle to angry that I was again not able to do something as simple as drink water. Then it happened, the light bulb went off.

If the whole approach to the is new way of living was to take thing small then I would also need to take the water approach small. While the thought of drinking 64oz of water was overwhelming the thought of drinking 8oz of water didn’t sound too hard. I would just focus on drinking 8oz of water at a time.

If I was a regular person I would have just found a cup and marked it with a sharpie at the 8oz mark, but you know me better than that. I’m extra so I purchased these

These are brightly colored 8oz cups. You can either get them from Ikea or Amazon. These little things were a game changer.

I decided each day I would place one brightly colored cup on the counter. Say that three times fast :). The theory was every time I was in the kitchen I would see the cup thus having to drink water. Because I was also trying to stay out of the kitchen I placed one in my master bathroom and the bathroom downstairs. There was going to be no reason for me not to see these cups. Go in the kitchen, drink water. Go pee, drink water. Brush my teeth, drink water.

See the cup, head to the fridge and drink it. Simple as that. Let me tell you this made all the difference. 64oz of water was crazy talk, but 8oz was more than manageable. I had cracked the code.

My challenge to you this week is to figure out what works for you. Do you need a large 64oz reminder bottle? Maybe you need the Spark bottle that lights up and beeps at you? Perhaps you simply need tiny 8oz cups. There is no wrong answer here. The right answer is the one that works for you. Your goal is to drink 64oz of water this week. Show me what you got lil mama. Show me what you got pretty lady. Hands up and wave, and wave, and wave. If you all did not just get lost in that Jay Z lyric we need to talk. Anywho put the effort in. Learn to like water. I’m not going to say love because that’s still crazy talk for me, but we can learn to like it.

If you love water or even like it please let me know how you managed to pull that off. Give us all some tips so we can figure out how to hydrate. We are going to have four weeks of this so please give me all the tips you’ve got.

Remember we’ve just lost 16 pounds and we are just getting started. I noticed a lot of new readers so if this is your first blog don’t panic. Go back to the first blog and start the program. Its never too late to start. If I can do it, you can do it.

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