16 Week Recap- FOUR MONTHS DONE!!!!!!!

“I just can’t give up now. I’ve come to far from where I started from” – Mary Mary

The end of this week will mark 16 weeks that we have been on this journey. If everything is going well you should have lost 16 pounds. Take a moment to reflect on that. Some of you may be done with your journey. Some of you are just getting started. All of us are 16 pounds lighter than we were when we started this.

If you don’t think that is a major accomplishment think of it this way. You are still working on your New Years Resolution while others stopped a long time ago. You are still working to try and make yourself just 10% better than you were yesterday. You are a rockstar and I see you.

As always take some time to answer the questions below. Please don’t gloss over this because it does make a difference. Get out your handy dandy notebook and make sure you are keeping a record of all things related to your success.

What did you start doing that you want to keep doing? How do you plan to keep doing it?

What did you do that you want to stop doing? How do you plan to stop doing it?

Is there someone who is helping you on this journey? How do you plan to thank them?

How do you plan to thank yourself? Let’s try to not make it about food.

What are you most proud of? I hope you are proud of yourself.

These answers may be the same from month to month or may drastically change. Mine continues to evolve and sometimes not for the better.

After I lost 16 pounds I started to let old habits creep back in. I started randomly eating and not focusing on drinking enough water. I started grabbing everything I could because I wasn’t taking time to make the best choices. I was again going through self sabotage. I know you are thinking this girl is her own worst enemy. That is 100% the truth. I will be on a path of nothing but success and I will go out of my way to make stuff harder. Eating a bunch of food then busting my ass to get the weight back off. Getting mad that I ate the food and then doubting myself. Blaming myself for what I’ve done wrong instead of realizing all the stuff I’ve done right. This is why I tell you to keep a journal. When I slip into this funk I know I have to dig myself out. I have to read my journal and remember why I started. The train wreck doesn’t last weeks now, but it does last for a few days. A few days that I would rather not happen. I’m continuing to learn and grow. This is again why I’m so glad I’m doing this slowly. It gives me time to make corrections before I’ve let it get too far.

When I was done with this month it was easy for me to decide what would be next. My body decided for me so I didn’t need to do any work. I needed to drink more water. This was going to be fun because I can honestly tell you I hated water. As you all know I don’t fight the directions I’m given so drinking water was exactly what I knew I was going to do. Pulling it off was going to be something entirely different. So get yourself ready. Month five will be all about hydration. Yaaaaayyyy. I hope you feel my sarcasm.

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