Month 4 Week 4- The Pants

“It’s not about the size you wear. It’s about how you wear your size.” – Style Has No Size

Working out everyday for a month had a lot of drawbacks. The main drawback is that I just didn’t want to do it. My last blog talked about how it didn’t get easier and honestly at week four it still was not easy. It was becoming a habit and honestly I began to feel obligated to do it. The end of the day would come and I would be sitting in the bed thinking “I probably should work out”. I had a lot of inspiration. I had my watch telling me how many minutes I needed to close my rings. I also had the Peloton app which haunted me with what is known as the “blue dot streak”. Every time you use the app for a workout you get a blue dot. As you pass certain days the app will tell you how long you’ve had your streak going. There is even a calendar that shows your blue dots. After you’ve made it 14 days the truth is you just want to keep the streak going.

Let me be transparent here. The steak can remain with a vigorous workout, or meditation. The dots don’t play favorites. For me this was actually a great thing. I could stretch, meditate, or do yoga and not feel like I cheated. I actually did something and I actually took the time to hit the button. Remember these were my rules so everything was going to count. Working out was already hard enough. I did not need all these extra rules. You would be so surprised at how many people argue about what a “real workout” or a “real mile”. If I complete it I’m claiming it. Don’t even ask me if dedicated miles are the only ones that should count. If I parked my car far to walk to the store, I’m counting every damn step.

Sorry I got off on a crazy tangent, back to my point. Since I didn’t make any workout rules except do something, that actually worked for me. I kept trying to push myself to simply Show Up. This quote is plastered all over my gym and I even named my business blog Show Up. For me that means to simply try and that’s exactly what I did. I showed up everyday with the intention of completing this one task. The task of moving my body more than I had the day before.

One day I had a horrible day. It seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong. Work was hard and home life harder. I can’t even tell you what happened, but I did know I couldn’t let the next day follow this same trend. My journal entry for the next day simply read “Be 10% better than yesterday”. This was all the inspiration I needed to just move and keep going. I’m very delighted to tell you it worked. There was also one more thing that helped. I cleaned my closet.

Each year when the weather gets nice I put away my winter clothes and pull out my summer clothes. This year when I pulled out my summer clothes I had a problem. I could not fit them. Below are seven pairs of jeans and capris in a size 22 that were too big. Let me tell you in all my years this had never happened. The first reason is I previously purchased a lot of clothes. Keeping clothes from one year to the next was simply not something I did. No it wasn’t because I was rich and liked to shop. It was because my weight fluctuated so often and so fast I had a large assortment of clothes. They either fit, or were too small when I pulled them out for the next season.

A staple in my closet is a pair of black dress pants for work. I have this same pair of pants in sizes 14-24. I am not making this up. I loved the pants so much I made sure regardless of what I weighed I would always have my trusty pair of black pants. These for those who want to know are from JCPenny. Funny thing is this was the only thing I purchased from JCPenny, plus size dress pants. If this blog gets them some extra business I expect a discount. If you need dress pants I really do suggest you check them out.

Below you will find the “too big” pants.

I know you all are thinking we will never go back to an actual office. You may be right, but if we do, we need clothes. So where am I going with this long ass story. I’m going to these pants below.

I purchased these pants two years ago before the pandemic. Not only could I not button these pants but I couldn’t pull them up over my thighs. Today I put these pants on and they fit. They fit very very nice. I will post a picture of me in the pants. Not only am I now wearing pants that fit but this proved to me that I am actually smaller than I was pre-pandemic.

Last year challenged us more than anyone would have ever known. Some of us ate to cope with the stress and I was one of those people. That was until the lightbulb went off that I needed to make some changes. Those changes paid off and I am not only able to wear these pants, but eight more I found in the closet. That is a feeling I can’t describe to you. Putting on these pants told me all my work had been worth something. All the workouts and food choices were making a difference. Today when I put on these pants, they became my favorite pair of pants. These are the pants that said “Machon, you are doing great”.

Now I know this is a lot to say about a pair of pants, but every woman has those pants. I encourage you to stop trying to get into your high school jeans and start trying to simply get into jeans smaller than the jeans you are in. Stop worrying about all the stuff you can’t wear and dig in your closet to see what you can. The process works. Yes it’s slow and yes it’s hard, but yes it works.

Show me your “pair of pants”. Let me know what’s working and what’s not working. Share your story with others. We all need a little inspiration. Mine showed up today in the form of these pants. What’s yours?

FYI- I did lose my allotted four pounds for the month. I could not have been happier with the progress.

For those of you following I apologize. I thought I scheduled this blog but actually scheduled one about gardening. I am so sorry. Gong to make sure I double check this moving forward. I have not fallen off the wagon just yet.

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