Stop Using Peat Pots, Trays, & Pellets.

“The earth is a fine place worth fighting for“ – Earnest Hemingway

When I first started gardening I discovered these magical things called peat pots, trays, and pellets. The packages all said the same thing. I plant my seeds in a growing medium and the plants will grow within the pot, tray, or pellet. The miracle of peat was that my seedling roots would actually grow through the walls of the peat and I could just transplant the entire thing in the ground. This became even more magical, because then the pot, tray, or pellet would biodegrade in the soil.

So let me get this straight. I can plant in the pot, tray, or pellet. My seedlings would grow perfectly. I then plant the whole thing in the ground not disturbing roots and I enhance my soil as this breaks down. What could there be not to love about this product.

They lied.

My first year I did tradition gardening and planted these items in the ground. After my short sad season was over I noticed the mesh wrapper on the peat pellets was still in the ground as well as the cups. I thought surely I did something wrong. The second year I added trays to my arsenal. I still believed the product was excellent and I had simply messed up. At the end of the season I found more mesh casings from the pellets and again all the pots and trays. I then did my research. Yes I know I should have done it before.

First let’s talk about pellets. The pellets are amazing in the fact you simply add water and they expand. Less mess and your seedlings are encased in the disk of perfect proportions. The disks do work. Yes I know I just told you to stop using them. Here’s why. You have to remove the mesh casing. I don’t know how long it’s supposed to take this to degrade but I think two years is long enough. The next issue was taking off the mesh. If I’m going to take off the mesh, why not just use regular soil or just peat? I chose regular soil. The purpose in spending the extra money was for these to require less work. Yes it’s a little step but again more money and more work.

Next the pots and trays. Again these don’t work. The roots in some cases do grow through the pots and trays, but in most cases I found them wrapped at the bottom. They also never broke down. After I took them off my seedlings I put them in the compost bin along with the mesh casings from pellets and guess what? They are still there.

I love slow gardening like the next man but if I spend extra gardening money the goal is to get something in return. The pellets, pots, and trays gave me nothing in return. I’m telling you to save your hard earned money and use it to buy more seeds. Get yourself some regular seed starting trays and some potting mix. Don’t make the same mistake I did by spending money you shouldn’t have been spending in the first place.

You will notice in some of my pictures this year pots, trays, and pellets. I used my remaining stock from last year because I’m not wasting any money. I did remove the casting from the pellets and also peeled away the peat from the pots and trays. Once the stock is gone I will not be buying this product again. I hope I can not only save you money, but save you time and as always Let’s Start Gardening.

Peat Pellets
Peat Pots
Peat Trays

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