Month 4 Week 3- Does it get easier?

“Just keep swimming.” – Dory (Finding Nemo)

When you try something new people always have a tendency to say it gets easier. No, no it doesn’t. Some stuff is just hard no matter how many times you do it. After my first few workouts my body was asking me what the hell I was doing. My back began having spasms and my legs began cramping up. I was a couch potato and now I was walking for twenty minutes everyday. I ended up getting a knee brace because the pain was causing me to limp. This was not a good look. As I would hobble down the stairs daily for my workouts not one of them because easier. Let me add I never did the same one twice so maybe if I had done that it would have been easier. I was going for variety over consistency.

Each workout was as intense as the last. Each day I asked myself did I really want to go walk on that dumb treadmill or could I just quit. A few times I decided I didn’t want to do the treadmill but decided I would do another workout. We had a heavy bag (boxing bag) in our basement and I decided a few days a week I would just punch that. This by the way was another gift my amazing husband had purchased for me along with pink boxing gloves. After I hit this thing with all my force one day the next day I couldn’t lift my arms. It felt like someone would burn my muscles with a blow torch each time I decided to have my arms defy gravity. So now I had a limp and couldn’t lift my arms. Imagine a T-Rex with a broke leg. Yea that was me.

Realizing I couldn’t hit the punching bag daily drove me back to the treadmill. Let me add that with my arms in pain walking also sucked. I swing my arms when I walk as normal people should. The mere act of swinging my arms made that torch like pain reappear. This I remember was why I didn’t workout.

After a couple of days the pain did go away. When I went back to the punching bag it was with a lot less force than the first time. I even had my husband come workout with me on the bag and realized that was a bad idea. My husband really worked out with the bag. I think he thought he was training for the big fight. I as you can imagine was trying to lift my arm without pain. After ten minutes he left me to my own devices, he had no time for my madness. Twenty minutes of walking and some punching were going to be my staples for the next thirty days. I was not happy at all, but I had to do something.

I was going to punch this bag and use the treadmill using the Peloton app. As with everything as soon as I downloaded the app and thought about purchasing the bike I was flooded with ads about the bike. The cookies are real. I had ads on Facebook, Google, and even YouTube as I was watching gardening videos. They were stalking me and they were winning. I told myself if I was still using the app at the end of thirty days I would really explore Peloton and see what they had to offer. The act of acknowledging I was losing the Peloton battle didn’t stop the ads but provided me with less anxiety. I knew there was a date for me to do my research and I was again able to focus on getting through the next day. I didn’t need any additional anxiety.

I will tell you this week was rough for me. It wasn’t just the pain but the hunger. The extra workouts left me starving. I did not have a plan for this hunger and often times it caught me off guard. I just ate to stop my stomach from screaming at me. I did not lose weight this week. I did not gain, but I did not lose. I am 100% sure it because I would just grab what was convenient and eat it. My advice to you, and what I did the following week was have healthy snacks handy. Let’s clarify healthy snacks. I had string cheese, fruit, nuts portioned out, and apples with peanut butter. I needed more snacks in my arsenal but that’s all I could think of to stop the hunger.

Let me know what exercises you’ve been doing? Fill me in on some healthy quick snacks to stop the hunger? I will add any snacks you all share to the blog. I know we all need a little help in this department. Remember we’ve got this. Look how far we’ve come.

Below is a picture of the knee brace I purchased. I have turkey legs. Huge thighs that flow into tiny ankles. I swear I’m still amazed my ankles can hold my weight, but it is what it is. This knee brace worked great for my huge thigh. This was the second knee brace I purchased. The first one I learned was made for skinny people. I had enough issues. Buying the correct knee brace should not have been one of them.

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