Month 4 Week 1 – Move Something

“Shake ya ass, but watch yourself.” – Mystikal

The girl you are looking at is not the girl I was when I started this journey. The girl you are looking at was not very fond of herself. The girl you are looking at actually treated herself like crap and really didn’t appreciate how strong she was. Yes, thats me you are looking at. Now I’m going to stop talking about myself in third person because I think that’s just creepy.

This picture was taken after a workout. I don’t know if it was a good workout, but for me any workout is a good workout. Having back issues makes it hard for me to do anything, but not doing anything makes my back worse. Carrying the extra weight around for all these years did not help my back or my knees for that matter. Last year when I started this journey they were both starting to break down along with some other body parts. I was a mess.

I wish I could tell you that simply eating well will help you lose weight, it won’t. You will need to move something. Preferable that something is your body. I know you didn’t think you would make it all the way to the end of the program and never work out. Shame on you. I’ve always heard you can’t just workout to lose weight. Basically they are saying you also need to eat well. I’m here to tell you just eating well is not going to be enough either. If you are as big as I was and just lose weight without working out or weight training you will deal with flappy skin. Extra skin in some cases looks worse than being fat. Now before you come for me, if you are ok with flappy skin, do you. I didn’t want to get to my goal body and have to deal with moving skin around to put my clothes on. I didn’t have money for plastic surgery. I had just spent all that money getting my teeth fixed. Braces were not cheap. One thing at a time was all my family could afford.

Let me give you my little workout back story. At my heaviest I never worked out. Working out was getting up from the couch to go to the kitchen for snacks. After I had weight loss surgery I became a workout nut. I was not only walking and lifting weights, but I was running half marathons. I was unstoppable, until I was stopped. Back issues from running along with the family tragedy I mentioned earlier shut me down. I didn’t want to run, I wanted to hide. I began to eat and the weight came back with a vengeance. The love I had for running and all physical activity died. My mental health was destroying my physical health. Then my physical health started destroying my mental health. I didn’t like anything about myself so I just stopped looking at myself. I didn’t take mirrors down in my house, I just never used them. I put on my brave face and went through the motions.

Machon Tip- Don’t go through the motions. Please get help. I eventually did something about my mental state. This was the only way I could even attempt to take care of my physical state. Yes I’m going to keep telling you to get mentally strong. Yes I’m going to keep talking about depression. For the first time in my life I’m not trying not hide my issues. I’m trying to help others get help for theirs. Now back to my story.

I knew I was going to eventually begin working out again. When I started I was pissed. I was comparing myself to the old me. The half marathon me. This new me couldn’t walk a mile without dripping with sweat and gasping for air. It was so bad I didn’t want my husband to walk with me because he was moving too fast. He was walking to race, I was walking to survive. I decided we needed bikes, because biking would be easier than walking. I was wrong. Biking was just as hard because our neighborhood is a bunch of hills. I was getting hit with one failure after another. After a failed bike outing I just pushed all this working out to the back of my mind, that is until the fourth month challenge came up and I was told I needed to move.

I panicked. Here I was again trying to start a workout routine. It was so hard last time and honestly the failure just made me more depressed. I told you all before, I don’t question the message I receive so I just decided I was going to make it work. I found a way. Next week I will tell you how I found my way but for this week lets focus on you. Let me just tell you that yet again it involved and app.

You need to move. You have to figure out something you can do for five, ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes. If you can do this thing longer YESSSS. The goal is to be consistent with this thing for thirty days. It will eventually become a habit so find something you can do daily. For some people you might decide to put on your walking shoes everyday. Putting on those shoes may inspire you to walk. You might walk to the mailbox, the end of your driveway, or the end of your block. The point is you are doing something you were not doing the month prior.

You might decide you want to do a workout video, is that a thing anymore? If you decide to do this don’t start with P90X or Insanity. You know you’re not going to do that video daily. It was hard as hell which is why you stopped the first time. Find something you can keep doing. Walking, biking, running, yoga, jump rope, skating, rowing, or using some of the equipment in your house I know you have. Fat people always how a few staples. We have food or course, but we also have workout clothes and workout equipment. We are always trying to lose weight so we have things laying around we said we would use. Sit on the stability ball you purchased or walk on the treadmill that’s holding your clothes.

If you don’t have any of these things, you have a phone, tablet, or computer. Get yourself on YouTube and watch one of the millions of free workout videos they have. You can also use Beach Body, Weight Watchers, or Peloton. There are tons more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. If you have some other options please email me and I will make sure I post them.

I don’t care what you decide to do, but you need to do something. I suggest you figure out really quick what you are capable of doing. Again don’t judge yourself on what you use to do, you are not that person. The track star you were in high school is gone. You are not running any miles anytime soon. You need to start at the beginning.

After you decide what you plan to do send me a message. There is no better way to be held accountable than to tell someone what you plan to do. Now that you have a plan, DO IT. Leave the excuses at the door as you lace up your shoes and move. If thinking about this in terms of thirty days and it’s too much let’s focus on one. You just need to think about what you can do tomorrow. Just focus on one day. Remember, this journey is about baby steps. We’ve got this. I know you can do it.

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