Weight Bonus “Together We Go Far”

“Don’t ever get too comfortable….ever. ” -Alex Toussiant

This is a journal entry I wrote during my workout month that I thought would help someone.

When I decided I was going to follow the directions I received and workout I was scared to death. If I could workout I wouldn’t have gotten fat again. If I could workout I wouldn’t be in all this pain. If I workout I will be in pain. I’m not sure if I told you that my mind never stops running, but this is an example of some of the thoughts I had before this months challenge.

I decided I would breathe and attack this month how I had done so many others. I was going to take it one day at a time and simply try. I was going to do my best. As with everything else when I finally gave up trying to fight working out an answer to all my questions was revealed. I was laying in bed watching tv and an ad for Peloton came on. I don’t even remember which ad it was, but during the commercial they said “Together we go far”. What the hell did that mean? This was of course the company that caught so much flack for the Christmas ad.

Backstory- A woman’s husband gave her a Peloton for Christmas and she began working out and talking about how strong she had become. There was an outcry from women because of how horrible this gift was. I heard this being compared to receiving a vacuum for Christmas. How dare this man give this woman a bike and basically tell her she’s fat. Wellllll. Let me tell you what I thought. First I thought how much I would love a vacuum for Christmas. I would love a Dyson to be specific. I don’t know what’s going on with other women but when I got my Shark Steam Mop one year I was mopping everything I could. My face was beaming. Another year my husband got me a KitchenAid mixer and again I went crazy. This is that same fancy machine I told you about in the first blog. The device that allows me to turn into Betty Crocker at a moments notice.

If my husband would have gotten me a Peloton for Christmas I would have been just like that lady in the commercial, ecstatic. Have ya’ll seen the price for a Peloton? Yea, please get me a Peloton for Christmas. I don’t know what the rest of the people were screaming about, but get me a Peloton and some Calphalon cookware while you’re at it. If that hurts the feminist movement we really need to talk about what’s wrong with the movement. Again I digress so let’s get back on topic, I can talk about the feminist movement later.

I thought the ad was telling me to get a Peloton, so of course to Google I went. I was watching the videos and all excited until I went to see the price tag of a Peloton. $3000 was my sticker shock. Whoa! I was not even close to committing to that price tag with my garbage workout track record. What I did find after my dreams were burst about the bike was they had an app. At the time they were having a free trial and you could sample everything it had to offer. I had planned to shop around for other apps since many of them did the same thing, but I got lazy. I went ahead and signed up for the free trial app and vowed to begin the next day.

The following day I did some research on the app and found they had a walking portion. I had no idea how an instructor was going to guide me through a walking workout, buy hey it was free. I got my workout clothes on and travelled into the basement where my treadmill lived. This was the treadmill I had used in my half marathon days. My husband had brought it for me a few years ago. I was thrilled which is another reason I didn’t understand the Peloton uproar.

I loaded the app on my phone as well as my tablet. This whole concept seemed very silly to me but I was going to give it a shot. They had workouts ranging from five minutes to sixty minutes. I figured I could pull off a twenty minute workout for my first attempt. That first walk was with Peloton instructor Chase. I selected a soul walk and from the beginning I was mesmerized. The music was fantastic and I found myself walking and singing with this stranger. It was like a party was going on in my basement. I totally forgot I was on the treadmill. My only complaint was with my treadmill, not the app. Chase would tell me to increase the incline for my walk and by the time my treadmill reached the suggested height he was already going back to a flat road. Yes this got on my nerves, but I’m extra so I wasn’t going to get too worked up about it. Five minutes turned into twenty and as I was getting into the groove the walk was done.

Whew, that was fun. I was excited. Look at me moving and stuff. I didn’t toot any horns because my first workouts are always great. Actually all my workouts are great for the first two weeks. It was usually that third week that caused me issues. I’m sure you have figured out since this is week two that I survived the first week. I loved everything about this app and wondered what week three would bring.

FYI- I lost two pounds the first week I started moving. I was officially down fourteen pounds.

If you haven’t found a workout routine you like I would advice you to try the Peloton app. There are several apps available like I mentioned before but the vibe of this one was something I could not describe. I instantly felt what the ad was saying. I got “together we go far”. If all the instructors were as much fun as Chase I really got it. At the time of this blog the Peloton app cost around $15 a month. If that’s too steep for your pockets right now, again check out free videos online. I also want you to walk outside if that’s what you would rather do.

For me I used the app because I had this treadmill in my basement collecting dust. I had spent no money and had lost two pounds. Why not keep going? The app also had meditation, yoga, strength, walking, running, biking, and bootcamps. It pretty much covered anything I was trying to do or wished I was doing.

This is not a plug for Peloton but my next two blogs will be talking about my experience with Peloton. You can skip ahead to month five if you don’t want to hear specifically about Peloton. Remember this is my journey and my journey involved this app. The app that sparked my interest in moving again.

If you have found something you like and you plan on doing the next thirty days please send me a message. I want to know all the things that people are doing to stay motivated and focused. Remember, we’ve go this. We simply have to do this together.

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