Month 3 Week 4 – Stay The Course

“Everyone can lose weight, the trick is keeping it off” – M. Ross

As most of you know I am writing this blog post some of my weight loss. I am still very much on this journey but I didn’t decide to write everything down until I was halfway done. Part of me decided to blog because I didn’t want to go backwards. The other part was I wanted some accountability.

Month three week four should have you tracking a weight loss of twelve pounds. If you have been following this blog, and you haven’t started trying to lose one pound at a time I’m going to have a real conversation with you. When did you discover the blog? Have you lost more than twelve pounds since you started reading? If you are either the same weight or you have gained weight I’m really not sure what you are waiting for. I can’t believe I have been blogging for almost four months, and I also can’t believe you haven’t attempted this method. If you are doing something different please let me know. If you had some New Years resolutions that you have already dumped FOLLOW THE PLAN!. I’m writing this to help other people. Those other people include you. Let’s kill the excuses.

Today as I write this I had a few huge moments outside of yelling at you. I had on an extra large t-shirt from Gap and an extra large Nike jacket. When I went to take the items off it really hit me. I was wearing both these items with no Spanx or any type of body shaper. I was wearing these items and they were not tight and I could breathe. I also could have left the house and been totally fine with what I had on. I wasn’t worried if I looked ok, or if I looked like a busted can of biscuits. I felt comfortable and looked comfortable in the clothes I had on.

When I started this journey I was in a 3xl in shirts and a 22 in pants. I was in these sizes while everyday wearing a Spanx tank top. I didn’t leave my house without this tank top because of all the rolls that occurred when I wasn’t wearing it. If you wear Spanx you understand. The goal of Spanx is to smush everything into place and not allow it to move. I wore these EVERYDAY. I wore them in the summer when it was 100 degrees. I wore them while working out. I wore them when I competed in my first half marathon. I wore them in the winter under three layers of clothes. I wore them while sitting around my house, and really never thought about not wearing them. I had four tanks that I kept in rotation that are currently a size 2xl. You are always instructed to buy Spanx a size down to help with the smushing. Putting on Spanx for me was just like putting on underwear. It was just something I’d always done.

When the pandemic hit I stopped wearing Spanx. I stopped caring like the rest of the world. Rolls were the least of my concerns. When I decided to lose weight I wasn’t really paying much attention to what I wore. When you barely leave your house you really don’t notice. I was losing weight like I had gained weight. I wasn’t realizing I was actually doing it. One day I remember the 3xl shirts being too large and just put on 2xl. No mental notes were taken and no celebration. It just happened. After my son began making shirts for his company I remember asking for an XL because all my other shirts were too large. Again not much was thought about it. I do remember when he had a fit about making me a smaller shirt I posted on FB. I was upset that he wasn’t excited his mother needed a smaller shirt. Outside of that moment I can’t really think of many where I’ve rejoiced in my weight loss.

This is not normally me. The normal me would have already purchased two or three new wardrobes. The new me would have been throwing everything out the moment I realized I was in a smaller size. The new me would have also still been wearing Spanx. So why is this time different? It’s the no Spanx. I’m really an XL. Not an XL because of Spanx. I’m and XL because I worked hard and got the weight off. I’m and XL without depriving myself of food and without beating myself up. I’m and XL while enjoying Girl Scout cookies and occasionally having desert. I’m not going to tell you I eat everything I want when I want. That’s a lie. What I am going to tell you is I don’t feel like I’ve suffered at all.

The title of this blog is Stay The Course. You really have to do that. I know you are dying to drop five pounds and flaunt the new you, problem is that doesn’t work. That’s what you have done in the past. Let’s continue doing something we have never done. Let’s continue moving at this snail pace to get to where we are trying to go. I stated everyone can lose weight, keeping it off is the trick. I’ve kept all the weight off. The scale hasn’t even crept up anywhere near where I started. There are some weeks when the scale didn’t move and there were some weeks where the scale went up. I stayed the course.

Please give the plan a try. Try for one week, two weeks, three months. I just want you to try. I want you all to share some of the joy I am currently feeling. I’m finally conquering something that has alluded me for 30+ years. I was 8 when I first tried to lose weight. I don’t want to be 80 still trying. If you are also tired please join me. Send me your stories. We can do this together.

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