Month 3 Week 3- Parenting While Still

“Encourage and support your kids because children are apt to live up to what you believe of them”- Lady Bird Johnson

I have two sons. My oldest son is twenty and my youngest is twelve. These two boys control my world. I would also lay down and die for either one of them without a second thought. I believe in every parents heart we believe everyone would do the same thing for their children. Yes I know there are some shitty parents out there, but I’m not talking to those people. I’m talking to you. I talking to you and praying, not assuming but praying you are a fantastic parent. Here is the thing, if you are a fantastic parent you are wondering how can I Be Still if I’m supposed to be taking care of these kids. Here is my story.

My oldest son is going to change the world. There is no belief in that statement. His goals and aspirations are things I never thought of at his age. Hell I didn’t think of most of them at my current age. Financially he is light years ahead of me. He wants to know stuff and wants to talk about everything. My oldest son will get a thought in his head and want to talk to you about it right then and there. There is no waiting, there is no later. He has to get all these thoughts out and doesn’t care how long it takes. The issue is I never know if this conversation will be five minutes or five hours. One day we were at the dinner table for two or three hours as he discussed his financial life plan. I believe he was seventeen at the time.

My youngest son is reserved. He’s quiet around the family but loud with friends. He never asks for anything, but when he wants something he wants it now. He gets that from me, 100% me. Because he doesn’t talk that often when he does speak, we listen. We stop what we are doing and we listen. Phones get put down, unless he wants something from Amazon. Everyone in the family unwittingly stops and listens to this kid. My youngest son is also athletically gifted with natural talent yet doesn’t want to do anything athletic. I say this because anytime playing a sport or doing anything sports related is mentioned we all get really excited. My family loves sports, all sports.

Now that you know about both my children and their impatience you are wondering how am I still. I’m still when I know they don’t want to talk to me. My kids are not talking to be before 10am. They are not talking to me when they are at school, playing video games, or with their friends. My kids like talking to me on their time. Their time is usually at 2:30 the exact time that I have a meeting for work. I still believe my oldest does this on purpose. My youngest is also arriving home from school at 2:30 so he always comes to tell me about his day. After I figured this out I just moved my meeting to start fifteen minutes later.

Everyone does not have that option. Your kids may not talk to you on a schedule and your kids may not even know how to talk. You may have family you need to take care of, or you might have other obligations. What I’m saying is you need to find five minutes to simply Be Still. If you have time to watch tv, eat snacks, shop, or browse social media you have time to Be Still.

What I’ve learned over time is we are good at finding excuses not to do stuff. It’s about time we start finding excuses to do stuff. Make yourself a priority. Take care of yourself. That 5+ minutes that you spend taking care of yourself will just make you a better able to take care of others.

I did lose weight during this time because I discovered walking was a great way for me to Be Still. When I walked I didn’t think. Also my family wasn’t with me so that alone time was what I needed. Five small minutes was also the goal, but I went where the walk took me. For me this provided peace and movement. Again find out what works for you. Remember we are only trying to lose one pound. One pound at a time.

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