Encourage Yourself- Month 1 Week 4

“Someone is holding their breath waiting for you to fail, make sure they suffocate” -Unknown

You are almost done with the first month of this journey. You have lost three or more pounds and know 100% you will lose another pound by the end of the month. If you are sitting there thinking it’s only four pounds, know those four pounds will never return. This slow method works. Please continue to trust the process. What have you learned? What is one food that you must avoid? If you haven’t figured it out the entire month is really about learning what works. I mentioned before instead of focusing on what you can eat focus on what you can’t eat. I unfortunately learned I could not consume large amounts of carbs. Cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich and chips for lunch, ending with chicken and macaroni for dinner. Carbs on top of carbs was just what I ate all the time. My issue was finding things to replace the carbs. That will be a challenge for a lot of you. When you remove something, what do you replace it with?

When I had weight loss surgery I had to have a psychological exam. During the examination I was told once you stop eating you will begin doing something else. It’s up to you to decide what you do. For me that did not click. I went in there to focus on weight loss. I had no intentions of doing the work and figuring out why I was eating. I just wanted to not be able to eat. Cutting half my stomach in half would be the solution. Well guess what, they were right. Once I stopped eating I started shopping. Logically I made it work. I was losing weight so I needed more clothes. I was eating healthy so I needed different foods. I was packing my lunch so I needed a Coach lunch bag. You all will learn I’m pretty extra. I don’t do anything half ass. I was carrying my lunch in style. What I had done was simply replace food with spending money. This was not at all a good plan. My bank account would often times be near empty as I decided I needed one more thing. Had I known what I know now I would have dealt with that. Unfortunately I did not and I simply started eating again. Weight loss surgery does work and I feel like I need to say that. I did not do what I was supposed to do so it did not work for me. Again hindsight is 20/20.

FYI- Coach does not make lunch bags. Coach does make small bags that are perfect for carrying your lunch. My husband was not happy with this discovery but I had the best looking lunch bag in the lunch room. It’s the little things that bring a person joy. Ok you can judge me on this one.

Back to my carb addiction. What clicked for me this time was focusing on replacing just one thing at a time. I needed to replace the carbs. I decided to replace the carbs with fruit. YES. I know fruit has carbs, but it wasn’t white bread so I called it a win. I tried to have bananas and apples in the house at all times. Grapes were also a great go to. I could eat these after I finished my meal of protein. I have to be honest. There were times I just didn’t eat. I couldn’t figure out what to eat and it was easier to simply not eat. I would drink some water or coffee and keep it moving. Was this the best choice, probably not but I’m just being honest. Planning what you will eat is critical. Standing and looking in a refrigerator full of food and not being able to pick something is exhausting. I now realize why people fast. To not worry about food is a blessing at times. For a person like me who always thinks about food this was crazy. You can eat this, but not that. This was the reason I had failed at low carb diets. I felt myself falling off the wagon and decided again to change it up. Yes three weeks in I had all these thought running though my head. It does not take long for our minds to steer us back to old habits. I did come up with an alternative plan though since not eating was not an option for the long term.

Instead of killing all carbs I decided I would remove them from one meal. That worked. Breakfast and lunch were the easiest to remove carbs so that’s what I did. Who doesn’t love bacon and eggs for breakfast. Tuna became my go to for lunch, again easy stuff. Just that simple act of not going crazy and eliminating carbs helped me. I realized my pattern of telling myself I couldn’t have something just made me want that thing. Once I took the power away from carbs they were not so scary. If I wanted toast with breakfast I didn’t eat carbs for lunch.

I will not sit here and lie to you and say everyday this worked. What I will say is it worked enough for me to lose four pounds during the first month. I actually lost six pounds so I would call this a huge win. Instead of focusing on the bad stuff I had done I really tried to focus on the good stuff. I had logged food for 30 days and that’s all I promised myself I would do. I had lost the four pounds I said I would lose. I had succeeded without putting any unrealistic expectation on myself.

There is a gospel song called Encourage Yourself by Donald Lawrence. Listen to that song. While it is definitely a gospel song it is more than that. The song is about you speaking into existence what you will accomplish. Sometimes the hardest person to convince of your success is you. I will always be my worst critic. Here is a few lines from the song:

Sometimes you have to
Encourage yourself
Sometimes you have to
Speak victory during the test

And no matter how you feel
Speak the word and you will be healed

There is even a point in this song where they say “gotta pat your own self on the back”. When is the last time you’ve done that? When is the last time you have truly been proud of something you have done, something you have accomplished. I’m not saying you need to go losing your mind over four pounds. What I’m saying is feel good about the fact that you did something for yourself for 30 days. You accomplished what you set out to do. You have honored your number one supporter, YOURSELF.

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