I Love Food

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”- Maya Angelou

I know this seems like a crazy way to start a diet journey but I’m being honest. I love the smell of fresh baked bread, cookies, and pie. I love the texture of fresh made pasta, Alfredo sauce, and herbs. I love butter, lots and lots of butter. If I could have any cook in my home for just one day and one meal it would be Paula Dean. Yes she’s “allegedly” said some stuff that would make you cringe, but no one can deny that the woman can perform miracles with butter. Remember the episode where she deep fried butter. Now if that’s not fat I don’t know what is. Now enough about Paula, let’s focus on the butter. 

There is never a meal in my home that doesn’t require a good pat of butter. At breakfast your eggs need butter or at least your toast. For lunch try making a grilled cheese without butter, yea that looks nasty. For dinner you can coat your chicken with butter before baking or throw some butter in your mash potatoes or rolls. “What is going on here? What kind of blog is this?” I assure you, you have the right blog. I just wanted to make sure I had my kind of people reading this. If you are skinny and don’t appreciate butter stop reading. If you are going to tell me about all the harm butter can cause, stop. Also don’t email me, text me, or send me any type of digital messages because I will never give up my love of butter. If you love to eat and love food keep reading. If you realize that you need to make some changes but don’t want to sell your soul to do so, keep reading. If you interested in make small changes to get big results, keep reading. 

Each time I’ve tried to lose weight I tried to do it with someone else’s plan. I always tried to find a skinny person and mimic what they ate. I read that somewhere in a magazine. They were eating salads and drinking water with lemon and supposedly they were full. Did I mention the salad had no meat and just veggies! Did you also notice how there was no roll mentioned with butter. This looked horrible to me. Was this the appetizer before the main course? Was this all I was supposed to eat? I was hungry just looking at this plan. Needless to say I tried them all. Here is a comprehensive list as I remember it of all the diets I have tried. Put a check next to any that you have tried yourself. Look at us bonding already. Disclaimer- some of these I have tried more than one time. Yep, I know you’re still with me. 

Weight Watchers


Slim Fast

Mindful Eating

Jerusalem Diet

Juice Diet

Counting Calories

Counting Macros

Lose It App

LifeSum App

Noom App

Lark App

My Fitness Pal App

Intermittent Fasting

Lemon Water Detox

Diet Pills including Phen Phen, Alli and Hydroxycut to name a few

Body For Life

Body Typing

Blood Type Diet

Fit For Life

Sugar Busters

The 4 hour Body

Diet Patches

Garcinia Cambogia

Green Tea

Apple Cider Vinegar

GNC Total Lean

Random Protein Shakes

Last but not least- Weight Loss Surgery

I give you this list to assure you I am a person who’s tried everything. I want you to know that I understand the struggle and I’ve lived it. Are you ready to make some changes?

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