The Plan

“The fork will kill you faster than a bullet” – Luke Cage

The plan was to try one small change per month. I wasn’t going to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to get started but I would make one major purchase, a calendar. The day I got the calendar I wrote my weight in the little box. That number glared back and me, but it was a starting point. I wasn’t new at this. The Friday after that start date I wrote my weight minus one pound. Remember I had decided I was going to lose a pound a week. I had no plan on how I was going to pull that off I just knew that was the goal. So on day one I wrote 290 and on the Friday fifty-two weeks later I wrote 238. That was not a bad goal at all. The lowest weight in my adult life was 217 and that was after the weight loss surgery. If doing this plan could get me within reach of that number I was calling this a win.

Up until this point you know all my secrets. If you think you’ve missed something you have not. I figured out how fat I was, went to the doctor, got a calendar and wrote my weight down, then mentally concluded I was riding this out for one year. What follows is going to tell you the one thing I changed each month. Instead of tackling everything at once like I had done before I tackled just one thing. Are you seeing a theme? One thing, one pound. I was going to make myself slow down and really put forth the effort. If I could get past that three week mark I would know I was at least further along than in the past, but guess what? I didn’t even think of it as thirty days, you guessed it. I tackled it as one day at a time. I didn’t think of twelve things I would work on, I didn’t put any thought into what I would do first or last. I didn’t make any goals outside of that one pound a week goal. I didn’t read any books, buy any food, or create some elaborate plan. Outside of the calendar I didn’t get anything extra to pull this off. I didn’t say “in two months if I reach this goal I’m buying new workout clothes”. I just got new clothes. I didn’t put any rules on the weight loss. No expectations on myself or attach any rewards to the weight. No cheesecake if I was successful month one, I just let month one happen. This in itself was completely new for me and scary. All throughout the process I tried to push the envelope and add stuff but I just had to remind myself to focus on the one pound. I think by doing this I took some of the power away from the weight. I didn’t give it any pull over me. If it came off, it came off. If it didn’t I needed to change some things. In the end the weight did come off, at times faster than just one pound. When I lost two pounds I simply ate what I wanted if I wanted. If I gained one pound back, oh well. I kept reminding myself the goal and only goal I needed to reach for my journey was to lose one pound. 

So after reading this far the question I ask of you is are you ready to take this journey. Are you ready to focus on one pound instead of the total you need to lose. Are you ready to finally listen to your body and figure out what works for you. If you are ready then let’s begin. Month one here we come.

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