Log Food- Month 1 Week 1

“Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul.” -Malcolm Forbes

For the first month I decided I would log what I ate. As I previously mentioned I had used all these apps to log food and I figured I would give one of those a shot again. The two I enjoyed the most were Lose It and Lifesum. I honestly liked Lifesum the best but Lose It was running a special for half off so I went with them. Currently as I’m writing this both apps offer a free version and a premium version. Lose It Premium cost $39.99 for one year and Lifesum cost $45. As you can see they were both close in price but that 50% off offer got me. I would tell you to try them both for free and see which one you like. Lifesum had a more playful approach app which I loved, but Lose It has more charts and graphs. Are you a numbers person or would a dancing apple get you to enter your meals? You would be shocked at what gets people to do the right thing. Which one is easier to enter your foods and has features that will appeal to you? With anything if you like it you will use it. The goal for month one is simply to find something and use it. There is also My Fitness Pal, Calorie King, Weight Watchers, and a host of other apps you can use. Again find something to use and use it for 30 days. We need to nail this first thing.

Here is your first assignment- USE THE APP.

I don’t want you to worry about what you are putting in the app. I don’t want you to focus on a plan. I want you to use the app. Don’t look at the calorie features or the carbs. Don’t stress about what the app is telling you or if a red line appears telling you you’ve eaten too much. This first week is for you to gain a baseline of what you eat and how much you eat. If you begin filling in this tracker with the thinking of eating less you will be lying to yourself. You will not have a baseline of information. If you have soda everyday, log it. If you go out for dinner a few times a week log it. Get familiar with the app and get mentally aware that everything you eat or drink must be logged.

Machon Tip- Log it before you eat it or right after you eat it. The reason I used an app on my phone was because I always have my phone with me. One day I forgot to log as I ate and I tried as hard as I could to remember everything I had eaten. I could not. What did I put on my cheeseburger? Did I have one soda or two today? Did I grab a snack out of the cabinet or was that yesterday? Where food was concerned the days were running together and if I didn’t get the food logged before or right after I ate it I was a mess.

I want to add that I realize an app is not for everyone. If you want to write down what you eat in a journal feel free to do so. I will keep referring to logging as “the app” because that’s what I used. I understand some people are trying to reduce screen time as well as get back to basics. There is a lot of science that backs actually writing stuff down increases your success. I believe this 100%. I also know for me having notebook with me at all times was not going to happen. I had enough going one in my life. Keeping track of a journal was not making the list.

So a quick recap of what you should have done thus far: Get a calendar and log your current weight. You will then subtract one pound each week until you get to your goal weight. Have that calendar handy at all time. You also will either have an app downloaded or a notebook to begin logging your food. Logging all your food. Eat what you want when you want, but log it. If this seems too easy, it is. I promise you this will work and I also promise you it doesn’t get any harder than this.

Disclaimer- To keep you motivated I need to confess that I lost weight this first week. I did exactly what I just told you to do. I didn’t workout because I had not been working out. I ate cake, I drank soda, and I was literally just popping food in my mouth at all times of the day. Did I eat as much food as I would have normally ate, no. Why, because I didn’t want to log it. The shame was strong. Let me know how your first week went. Please head to the contact page and send me an email. Did you lose weight or gain weight? Did you develop a baseline?

Starting Weight – 290

Ending Weight – 288

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